More Officers?

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More Officers?

Post by [ƒcƒc]± Furry Blue on Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:05 am

Ok well the mass recruitment of officers almost worked.

Until they all exploded (well ok only a few of them)

Since we still need an officer or two, I'm going to try a slightly different approach.

Currently i am looking for one Officer, and not just recruitment, or player management or mapping. I Am looking for a new Clan Leader, to assist Pink and myself with clan decisions.

Seeing as indigo is no longer a part of the clan, the usual three person chat-party on bigger decisions has been split to two, with indigo semi-advising and semi not-caring. Which is why I'm looking for a new player to take a big leap up to the pedestal. If you are chosen, we will make you an "Assistant Clan-Leader" At which point you will be exactly that, you will assist in all big decision making and clan issues, and we shall see if you are truly up to the job.

If you fail, you will most likely just end up as an officer for the sake of helping us out (You really can't lose). But if you show you are made of the right stuff (or even better stuff) then there is a pretty good chance you will end up as one of the three official decision makers, (Also you may become really cool).

Now Clan Leader doesn't really have a list of things to do, we pretty much do it all and make sure everything runs smoothly. Managing the forums is a big part of that, as well as managing players, recruitment. Jack-of-All Trades really.

Now here is where the fun begins.
-I don't want you to apply here, say "oh hey i'm up for the job"
You are welcome to toss a post up so we know who's trying but...

I want you to contact me over steam, Bug me, get me to know YOU, do the same to pink and win over our hearts and minds, make us understand that you really have the capability to help us out, and make valuable decisions.

Note- If you don't think you're up to arguing with me (its gonna happen) then don't bother. Indigo and pink both have presented many ideas that differ from my own over many decisions, and i assure you i don't win more than 50% of the time.

Second Note- You need to have the same schedules as pink and myself, if we can't talk to you then it doesn't help too much.

-More Details to be added later
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