Keep this in mind when you're in game

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Keep this in mind when you're in game

Post by Teh Idiot on Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:33 am

This is just up here in case indigo's post gets buried.

(and because Idiot I am can't figure out how to make it a sticky from the original post)

Totally unrelated to this particular application, but still related to all applications in general, therefore not off topic:

One outcome of todays long group discussion was, we point out to every new applicant (and all other clan members) they should never act like they or [ƒcƒc] owns the place, when playing on any servers. Cause [ƒcƒc] doesn't own the place at all. It's a clan that likes to play ZM, preferably on Sammys Servers. Nothing less and nothing more. Every other player is equal to you, unless it's an admin of course.

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