-IMPORTANT- Recruitment Open Again

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-IMPORTANT- Recruitment Open Again

Post by Piru-nyan on Tue May 10, 2011 5:58 pm

Recruitment is fully open, basically anyone can join.
We have what, like MAYBE 10 active members now, only around 6 that actually post (didn't actually count)
I don't see why we never opened recruitment completely earlier on. Most people join, stay for a month or two, and leave. The ones that we don't like, we can always kick from the clan.

So anyways, elaborating on "anyone". Anyone literally means anyone, even your half-retarded blind cousin who lives in the foothills in Alabama and only owns a computer that runs windows95, and doesn't even play games often. (though that would be a bit silly, as he'd take 15 years to connect to the forums)

So yeah, GL, HF, recruit members. If you want.

Oh, but they still need to post apps so we can keep track of them.


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