Application - Sexy Fiberbomb

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Application - Sexy Fiberbomb

Post by Aku on Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:54 pm

Hello thar, my name is Nolan Matthew Cretney (ima boy), but most of you know me as the mysterious madman Sexy Fiberbomb. I am making this application because i want to join [ƒcƒc] (duh). I have always wanted to join [ƒcƒc] ever since i started playing on Sammy servers because the clan looks and sounds awesome. But the real reason I want to join is because i've never been part of something special.

Heres my stats
Hp regen - 23
Hp Bonus - 23
Ammo regen - 25
Sprint - 25

I want my furry name to be :
[ƒcƒc] Sexy Fiberbomb
But if that wont work than i'll use
[ƒcƒc] Furry Fiber Cock Fox ( but i really want [ƒcƒc] Sexy Fiberbomb)

A small bio about me: (You dont have to read)
Im 15 and I come from a far of off land called Princeton NJ (but i was born in Ohio). I have an older sister and two fathers (nah im just kidding).
I used to be a California broski when i lived there for 13 years, but my mom got a promotion and we had to move to the east coast. Why move to Princeton? because all the rich white people live here :) and mexicans Neutral not that I hate them. I go to PHS (Princeton High School) and i arez a Freshman there. OK enough Info about me (im also a secret agent who stops terrorist and stuff)

Steam name: NCollieboy or Sexy Fiberbomb

So ya, heres my Application, I really hope i get accepted and i really wanna hang with you guys! Thanks for reading

- Sexy Fiberbomb


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Re: Application - Sexy Fiberbomb

Post by [ƒcƒc]± Furry Blue on Mon Dec 28, 2009 9:14 pm

Well i'm accepting you!

Welcome to the Clan [ƒcƒc] Sexy Firebomb!

If you haven't already, check out the rules[url][/url]

But it seems like you have already, so your last step is to grab a new playerspray from me (or Psycho/Taters) if you want


But welcome to the clan! I hope you enjoy playing with us! (I know we will definitely enjoy playing with you!)
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