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New Members click here!

Post by Sparky Bio on Wed Feb 17, 2010 11:41 pm

To New Members,
Don't forget to add the [ƒcƒc] group Link here.
Make sure you put your steam id in your application, so we can send you an invite. -Aku
Don't forget to embrace the rules,live the rules, and breathe the rules don't take it too seriously like I do But really at least be aware of it. Link Here
Also Congrats on getting in and please add me! if you want
Hope you have a fun time here!
Also, make sure you join the Furry Friends
This thread also can be used for Shout outs or to congratulate new members like our newest member (when this thread was made)

Hope to see you playing ZM or Gmod Sharpy! also I do that too if I got out :P

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